Festival Policies

21 & Over Policy

NERAX festivals are for adults AGE 21 AND OVER.

Valid Photo ID is required from everyone, NO EXCEPTION. (Driver’s License, Military ID, Passport, or other form of legal ID with photo and age. Actual ID must be presented; a paper or electronic copy is not valid.)

BABIES: Although we highly recommend leaving all children at home, children under age 2 are allowed, only if carried by a parent AT ALL TIMES. Keep in mind the festival hall can get extremely loud. NO STROLLERS are allowed in the hall. Baby backpacks and slings that position the baby in front are allowed.

Conduct Policy

All attendees, staff and volunteers are expected to conduct themselves appropriately. Anyone acting disorderly or in violation of festival policy will be asked to correct their behavior, and if they fail to do so in a timely fashion, will be ejected.

Refusal to Serve

Visibly intoxicated/impaired individuals will be denied admission to the festival. We reserve the right to question and/or refuse to serve patrons or guests who appear to have overindulged. We will work with you to handle the situation as best we can, such as attempting to help you find a safe ride home, and/or get you some food or water until you’re feeling better. Security may be asked to assist in some instances. Please drink responsibly and have a safe & sober way home.

Discounted Admission

Our festival pricing structure is carefully calculated so that the festivals are self-sustaining, which means that we count on a certain admission income from every patron. Every person in the festival counts against venue capacity. For this reason, non-drinkers and designated drivers pay full admission. There are NO special discounts for seniors.

Allowable discounts include:

  • Courtesy discount for active military with valid military ID.
  • CAMRA members will receive discounted admission if they present their membership card. For details, see https://www.caskconditioned.org.
  • Group discounts may be available when arranged in advance.
  • There may be admission discounts in connection with specific marketing promotions, such as newspaper ads that contain a coupon.
  • There are usually admission discounts in conjunction with advance ticket purchase. See specific festival pages for details: [NERAX]  [NERAX North]

Complimentary admission may be granted to industry personnel and volunteers.

There are no discounts at the bar.

Benefits of Advance Ticket Purchase

Purchasing tickets in advance offers the benefits of a discount, and guaranteed admission* in the event of a sell-out. We also do our best to provide priority check-in for advance buyers.

*We will reserve space for advance buyers for the first hour of the festival. If an advance buyer does not arrive within that time, we will assume they are not coming and allow others in, up to venue capacity. If venue is at capacity when advance buyer arrives, they must wait until someone leaves before they can be admitted. Official capacity depends upon the venue, and is set by local authorities. Staffing and beer quantity may also be a factor.

Early Admission

We do not open early. In some cases, and only if venue space allows, we may pre-process patrons into a holding area, to facilitate entry.

Re-Entry Policy

We understand that patrons may want to leave the festival hall temporarily for smoking or personal reasons. At NERAX festivals we use wristbands to identify paying patrons. Patrons with an intact wristband will be allowed re-entry. We reserve the right to refuse re-entry if other policies are not complied with.

Prohibited Items

Please do not bring outside food or beverages into the festival. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: weapons, illegal drugs, chemicals, pyrotechnic or incendiary materials; baby strollers, carts or suitcases; skateboards, roller-skates and other recreational equipment; large recording equipment; unapproved marketing materials; smoking (including e-cigarettes or vape pens); and other items as determined by facility management. All bags, jackets, and guests may be subject to search upon entering the event. We reserve the right to handle each occurrence on a case by case basis. Depending on the item, the guest may either be asked to remove the item from the facility or dispose of the item, or may be ejected from the facility.

Photo, Video, Audio Policy

Entrance onto event premises provides the Festival with your consent for the Festival to use event photographs and videos for promotional purposes, without compensation. There may be professional media on site. Our patrons, staff and volunteers are free to take and publish their own photos and videos of the event. Any such materials must not be used in conjunction with religious/political, pornographic, illegal, or otherwise offensive content or purpose.

Non-festival Marketing and Promotion

Marketing & promotion of non-NERAX events, organizations, companies, products or services is generally discouraged. Any external promotional materials (flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.) must be pre-approved by festival management. We do not allow political or religious marketing, whether printed or verbal.


Anyone not in compliance with festival policies may be asked to leave. No refunds will be granted.