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Cask @ Novare 2010 UK Beer List

Cask @ Novare
British Beer Commentary

Before describing our British beer offerings we will proudly point out a characteristic of our list: All our beers are from breweries that the British organization CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) classifies as "Independent Breweries". CAMRA identifies bigger breweries as "New National Breweries", such as Wells and Young, and "International Giants", such as Carlsberg.

We should also thank the team that put together this collection of terrific beer. The NERAX British Beer acquisition team consists of four individuals: Buster Grant, Head Brewer at Breconshire Brewery (Wales), Dave Sanders, Head Brewer at Elland Brewery (Yorkshire), Colin Valentine, National Chairman of CAMRA (Scotland), and Mike Labbe, American Brewer and Consultant (Logistics).

Descriptions are filched from the CAMRA Good Beer Guide, and brewery websites.

On to the beers...

Brewery Location Beer ABV
Inveralmond Perth, Scotland Thrappledouser 4.3%
  Description: A refreshing amber ale with reddish hues. The crisp, hoppy aroma is finely balanced with a tangy but quenching taste.  
  Comments: (from the brewery website) Thrapple is the Scots word for throat. And what a wonderfully expressive word it is. So when you hear someone say "My throat's really dry" you can cry out in glorious abandonment "Douse your thrapple with Thrappledouser my guid man!"  
Kelburn East Renfrewshire(Glasgow), Scotland Dark Moor 4.5%
  Description:A dark, fruity ale with undertones of liquorice and blackcurrant.  
Otley Pontypridd, Wales O-5 Gold 5.4%
  Description: Golden yellow in colour. Made with American hops and Lager malt.  
RCH Weston-Super-Mare, England PG Steam 3.8%
  Description: Amber-coloured, medium-bodied, with a floral hop aroma. Bitter citrus taste with a hint of sweetness.  
Breconshire Brecon, Wales Ysbrid y Ddraig 6.5%
  Description: A deep golden coloured ale, bursting with complex flavors derived from the oak whiskey casks used for this beer's long maturation The whiskey spirit is evident in the aroma, with underlying promises of further delights. The initial taste of vanilla and fruity malts progresses to a long, dryish finish, with further flavors developing from the wood and the spirit.  
  Comments: This beer won a Bronze Medal at the Great British Beer Festival in London, in August of this year. The beer is only brewed for special occasions, such as St David's Day, and only then in very limited quantities.  
Breconshire Brecon, Wales Cribyn 4.5%
  Description: A pale straw coloured best bitter. Brewed with Northdown, Challenger, and Bramling Cross hops.  
Great Orme Conwy Valley, Wales Cambria 3.8%
  Description:A modern IPA with a full hop flavour and dry finish.  
  Comments: This is a five barrel brewery!
Elland Elland (West Yorkshire), England Midnight Rider 4.4%
  Description: Brewed using 4 malts and 2 hop varieties. This beer is very dark ruby red in colour and has an aroma of fresh coffee and malt loaf. It has a fruity, malty dark chocolate flavor with a fruity-sweet aftertaste and a lingering bitterness.  
  Comments: Those who remember Dave's 1872 Porter from last year will join me in looking forward to trying this beer.  
Castle Rock Nottingham, England Harvest Pale 3.8%
  Description: Blonde and refreshing with distinctive citrus hop.
  Comment: Harvest Pale won the Champion Beer of Britain competition this August at the Great British Beer Festival in London. Needless to say, we are thrilled to offer this beer!  
Tipples Norwich (Norfolk), England Hanged Monk 3.8%
  Description: Well balanced with the dominant roast notes in both aroma and taste countered by a host of other flavours. A bittersweet maltiness with a hint of caramel at the start gives depth. Long coffee-like finish.  
  Comments: Tipples is a small operation, about ten barrels, established in 2004. The Hanged Monk is our only Mild Ale this year!

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